Our Team

  • Rick Hymanson

    Rick Hymanson


    Rick's own experience as a small business owner is the driving force behind the goals of Shugo. Prior to Shugo, Rick ran a consulting company providing software development services for small to mid-sized businesses. Rick wanted to make a bigger imprint and Shugo was born in 2008. A benefit of consulting was that Rick met a number of people in the payroll industry. Through these relationships, Rick saw the opportunity to provide innovative solutions enabling the independent payroll company and small business to thrive.

    Rick’s innovative, outside the box thinking, continues to excite the team and client base and immediate discussion of development and "ooohs and ahhhs" follow as everyone cannot wait to make the offering a reality. Rick is fanatical at getting back to people ASAP so make sure to ask him what he was doing if it took him longer than a few minutes to respond!

    • Responsibilities: Support, product development, business development, UI & application design, web development
    • Little known fact: Named captain of his college soccer team as a sophomore
    • Little known fact #2: Almost passed out at each of his kid's births (Taryn, Brayden, Camryn)
    • Favorite beverage(s): Good ol' H20, coffee (Dunkin Donuts), beer (especially SlyFox Christmas Ale) and wine (cheap stuff)
    • Favorite teams: Philadelphia Flyers & Philadelphia Eagles
  • Rob Bacher

    Rob Bacher

    Partner & Tech Guru

    Rob joined Shugo in September of 2009 and immediately became a partner in the company. Rob and Rick had worked together for a number of years prior and each have complimentary skills making them a formidable team. So it didn't take much convincing to have Rob jump on board.

    Where oh where would Shugo be without Rob? He’s the tech genius that continuously blows us away with his turn around time and ability to build and fix anything he puts his mind to. We think it’s his beard that gives him the super powers, but whatever it is, we dig it.

    • Responsibilities: Support, everything technology related, core application development, operations
    • Little known fact: Received the nickname "Bactu" from a misspelling on a .Net training certificate of his last name Bacher
    • Little known fact #2: Has traced his family tree back to the 1100's
    • Favorite beverage(s): Water, coffee (Wawa, of course), beer (particularly anything brewed by Weyerbacher or Guinness)
    • Favorite teams: Philadelphia Flyers & Philadelphia Eagles
  • Alissa Hutton

    Alissa Hutton

    Sales & Biz Dev Genie

    No stranger to the wonderful world of payroll, Alissa joined the team October of 2013. Having spent most of her adult life within the payroll industry it was a Cinderella slipper kind of fit. Her outgoing personality mixed with her love for life makes her kinda crazy, but then again, who doesn’t need a little crazy in their life?

    Alissa had known Rick and Rob for years at their numerous run-ins at many industry conferences and they instantly hit it off. It was in due time that Alissa would come on board to help expand the level of service Shugo offers to its clients. You'll frequently find Alissa at industry conferences and on online meetings sharing the Shugo story.

    • Responsibilities: Support, account management, sales, business development, product development
    • Little known fact: Has been to 25 countries and 44 states
    • Little known fact #2: Won a HS girl's leg press weightlifting award (beating some big girls!)
    • Favorite beverage(s): Diet coke, milk, anything but rum
    • Favorite teams: San Francisco Giants & San Francisco 49ers
  • Staci Hymanson

    Staci Hymanson

    Jack of All Trades

    As Shugo continued to grow, adding to our team was a must. But where to look for someone that fully encompassed Shugo's essence? Family, of course! Staci, Rick's older and much smarter sister, had been looking for something new and different so it was a clear no-brainer.

    She raises the IQ of our team considerably and has become another jack of all trades. Everything from accounting and bookkeeping to customer support and QA testing is handled by Staci. She doesn't miss a beat and happens to sing a pretty tune while she's at it!

    • Responsibilities: Everything...support, accounting/billing, office administration, quality assurance testing
    • Little known fact: Spent time working one-on-one with autistic kids
    • Little known fact #2: Captain of her high school cheerleading team
    • Favorite beverage(s): Diet Coke
    • Favorite teams: Any team that one of my nieces or nephews play on
  • Justin Kloos

    Justin Kloos


    The one and only Justin Kloos joined our team in November 2014. Justin brings cutting edge innovation know how, over a decade of experience in anything and everything technological and a love for animals that compares to Steve Erwin, RIP.

    With Justin's belief that the cloud will eventually power toasters to refrigerators and bathroom mirrors to really anything else, we couldn't be more excited for the next realm of awesomeness Shugo will venture into with his vision and experience. Oh and any Disney/Microsoft/video game lovers, meet your new best friend!

    • Responsibilities: Support, core application development, mobile application development
    • Little known fact: Was introduced to Shugo by a former colleague of Rick and Rob
    • Little known fact #2: Loves animations and as a hobby, he creates his own animated cartoons (major fan of Liquid Television)
    • Favorite beverage(s): Water, gatorade and beer
    • Favorite teams: New York Mets
  • Al Klyne

    Al Klyne

    Coder Extraordinaire

    Al (Alfred Klyne III) joined Shugo in July of 2017, forcing the need of two hands when counting members of our team. Looking for a change in the early 2000s, Al mastered a massive career move that took him into the ever exciting world of coding and put him on a path that fortunately crossed that of Shugo’s. That path was his employment at a past consulting client of both Rick and Rob's, prior to the birth of Shugo.

    Collectively, we feel like there is nothing Shugo can’t accomplish with Al on the team! In Al’s free time you can find him carting around his 14 and 18 year old sons, watching an action movie, or two, and scouting out his next wrecked car to turn back into a classic!

    • Responsibilities: Support, core application development, core application architecture
    • Little known fact: Mechanic in a past life, in fact rebuilt a 1983 Ford Mustang with a buddy
    • Little known fact #2: Gets his butt kicked regularly by his 14 year son playing NFL Madden video games
    • Favorite beverage(s): Coca-Cola
    • Favorite teams: Diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan

Our Advisory Board

  • Jim Costello

    With over 30 years in the payroll and human resource outsourcing industries, Jim’s senior leadership experience in all facets of business – from sales, to operations, to client relations - makes him an invaluable resource to Shugo. His years spent with some of the nation’s largest and most well known outsourcing companies, including Bank of America, ADP and Genesys Software Systems, combined with his venture as a founder of EmployeeMatters.com, now owned by Intuit, have given him a uniquely well-rounded insight into the challenges faced by businesses both large and small.

    Jim has earned the reputation as a technology leader, as he oversaw the development and rollout of the nation’s first Microsoft .Net, SQL 2005 payroll application in his role as President of PayChoice, a payroll software licensing company with the largest base of payroll software licensees in the country. In addition to being one of the driving forces behind this developing technology, Jim also led PayChoice’s Alliance Partnership initiatives, and was a key factor in building the now robust suite of ancillary service offerings, which now includes worker’s compensation, 401k and identity theft safeguards. As a seasoned professional with an acute insight into the security challenges faced by businesses in today’s technology-driven arena, Jim has proven himself a savvy and astute leader with an eye toward the future.

  • Charles "Chuck" Culver

    As a seasoned payroll professional and small business owner, Chuck brings to Shugo a wealth of industry knowledge and business experience garnered during his 30+ years in the payroll industry. Well-known and highly respected by his peers in the payroll industry, Chuck has built a reputation for keen business insight and dedication to serving the needs of his customers.

    As founder, owner and Vice-President of Payroll Associates, a payroll software development and licensing company introduced 20 years ago, his focus on the growing technological advances of the time was the driving force that led Payroll Associates to become a leader in the industry and positioned the company, now PayChoice, to become the powerhouse in the payroll industry that it is today.

  • David Gallagher

    David is the Founder and CEO of Dominion Payroll Services (DPS). After passing the CPA exam, David began his career at Coopers & Lybrand and worked in the audit department. Before starting DPS, he was an executive with Automatic Data Processing (ADP) and ultimately managed the West Coast and Asia Pacific teams as an expatriate in Sydney, Australia. Feeling the need for a local payroll processing firm, David moved his family back to Richmond and founded DPS in 2002 which now serves over 1,500 clients from 4 offices.

    DPS has been named to the INC5000 for outstanding growth for two consecutive years and has won the payroll industry’s Platinum award for growth and customer service excellence for 5 consecutive years. David sits as a trustee on Richmond Center Stage, Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce, The Children’s Museum, The Virginia Council of CEO’s, Longwood Business School, Benedictine Education Foundation, and the Venture Forum. David and his wife Grace have 5 children: Andrew, Cameron, Reilly, Sydney and Mitchell.

  • Richard Hymanson Sr.

    With over 30 years of experience in the area of retail banking, Richard has demonstrated a strong track record in driving the achievement of ambitious banking sales and service goals. Some of his past positions include Chief Retail Project Manager for Harleysville National Bank, Chief Retail Officer of Willow Financial Bank and Director of Sales in the Mid-Atlantic Region for Citizens Bank. He has proven skills in creating and implementing initiatives that substantially improved customer satisfaction and developing prototypes to maximize sales in the retail branch system. By analyzing performance and strategizing sales campaigns he has been successful in capitalizing on opportunities to improve overall business success.

    Richard’s successful approach in the banking world in increasing sales and maximizing staff performance by focusing on customer satisfaction as a way to expand and develop new and improved business relations and products is going to be a tremendous asset to the growth of Shugo.

    And he just so happens to be our founder's dad.