The employee payroll universe

With customizable and easy to use features, HUB is the one stop shop employees have been searching for.
  • Pay stub delivery and secure online archive
  • W2/1099 delivery and secure online archive
  • Employee address, federal W4 and direct deposit updates
  • Time and attendance
  • PTO request and balances
  • Mobile and text message capable
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • Company message board
  • Company document and link library (available employee read receipts)
  • Employee virtual file cabinets (available employee read receipts)
  • Accessible new hire paperwork (if used in conjunction with FLIGHT)
  • PUSH alerts and messaging
  • Customizable branding
  • Available employee engagement
  • Exclusive employee perks and coupons through HUB Rewards
  • Integrated app framework (LOFT) allowing for complete customization
  • Integrated with your payroll platform
HUB pay stubs and time

A single login...for all employee needs

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The possibilities are endless

LOFT allows third party developers to extend HUB's functionality to satisfy any client or employee need

LOFT: A secure extensible app framework built into HUB allowing authorized third parties (developers) to extend HUB’s functionality with anything a payroll company, client or individual employee needs.
  • Create a complete HCM solution
  • Integrate best in breed solutions based on desired needs
  • Deliver an individualized experience
  • If you can dream it, you can have it
LOFT provides a framework to leverage the creativity and skillset of third party developers to create individualized HUB experiences. LOFT's inspirations include:
  • Apple with iTunes
  • Google with the Play Store
  • Facebook with its third party app framework

HUB Rewards

HUB's exclusive employee perk program full of discounts off hundreds of products and services

HUB Rewards


Providing a pulse of your organization and company culture

HUB Employee Engagement

Highly engaged employees are passionate about what they do. They are energetic, committed and feel a sense of ownership over their work. They often go above and beyond for their teammates and their organization.

Engaged employees feel valued and empowered. They provide better customer experiences resulting in happier customers and often increased organization profitability.

Does marketing seem like an overwhelming task?

We've made marketing easy!

Marketing a new software platform to clients can become tremendously complicated when it’s done the wrong way.

This is why SHUGO is thrilled to offer you a straightforward set of tools that will get you to the most critical step in making the sale – a demo of HUB’s amazing simplicity. With a SHUGO subscription, you will have access to:

  • Customizable product slick sheets requiring minimal setup to get started
  • Product slick sheets branded with your own logo and colors (upgraded service)
  • New and different materials added on an ongoing basis

To learn how SHUGO will help you to convert more prospects to clients, schedule a demo today!

Innovative workflows

Who knew a missed punch could be this easy

... and even easier to approve

Set up clients in just a few minutes

Customizable features to each client's needs

  • Pay stub retention period
  • W2/1099 retention period
  • Clock in allocation buckets
  • Allowed clock in methods (web/mobile/text)
  • Clock in IP restrictions
  • Pay/earning codes
  • Time rounding rule
  • Overtime rule
  • Holiday schedule
  • One-touch approvals

Simple pricing, with no setup fees

Fees based simply on usage with no minimums

Wholesale 1 Average Retail 2
Basic Suite $ .55 PEPM
$ .50 PEPM
$ .45 PEPM
$ .40 PEPM
$ 1.10 PEPM
Full Suite 3 $ 1.25 PEPM $ 2.65 PEPM

1 - The price Shugo charges you, the payroll company, for your clients usage.

2 - Average price current HUB payroll companies extend to their customers.

3 - Full Suite = Basic Suite plus Time & Attendance and PTO request management.

PEPM - Per Employee Per Month

*** Employee PUSH notifications are included in HUB's PEPM price ***

Revenue...who doesn't like that?

HUB's employee universe is a revenue machine

Use our HUB calculator to determine your estimated revenue generation.
To help you, we've started with some standard numbers we've seen used across our clients.

  1. Calculate the total number of employees using HUB
    Companies using HUB
    Average number of employees per company
  2. Set your retail HUB price points
    Full suite price $
    Basic suite price $

Your monthly revenue: